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Yantra Lift Slide Window System LS 45 High Performance Sliding

With technical backup from Giesse (Italy) LS45 system has been developed with specialised profiles and hardware system to meet the most demanding performance requirements where in the use of gaskets instead of conventional weather-strip allows the air infiltration & water penetration performance of horizontal sliding windows to be raised to the level of casement windows. For more information, please click on the following link: http://www.gos-s.com/


  • Excellent water drainage:
    • The middle joint incorporates a sophisticated water drainage system with flow rates exceeding 8 L/min, thus eliminating all the machining opearions on frame profile the joint has large valves that prevent water from dropping in with presence of strong winds
  • Air and Water Performance:
    • System has been tested following European standard EN 12208. Thanks to the use of the gaskets, performance is comparable to that of projected windows (900 Pa)
  • High insulation performance in sliding windows
    • High insulation thanks to the elimination of frame profile longitudinal heat loss
  • Security
    • Closing devices: Class 2 (Tested according to ENV1630:2000)

Yantra Products - LS45

Yantra Products - LS45

Yantra Corporate BroucherLS 45 High Performance Sliding