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Yantra Casement Window System C 28/45/54/60 & TB55

Casement System was developed considering the parameters of tropical climatic conditions and fulfilling the basic requirements of weather protection i.e. air infiltration and water penetration for the end user. The systems are based on International standards and comply with the said specification.

Project based certification for all products used in the system and the overall system certification can be provided on request.

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  • Systems profiles are designed considering specified wind loads based on window layout, elevation details & location parameters to ensure structural performance requirements are taken care of based on IS tropical codes. System designed for performance parameters on requirements of:
    • Water penetration control (300-600 Pascal).
    • Air permeability control (300-600 Pascal).
    • Structural Stability performance of windows for high wind pressure (1.5 kps to 3.5 kpa).
  • System Designs formatted to ensure larger adaptability to varied cladding requirements based on thermal and acoustic performances cladding adaptability range from 5 mm to 39 mm.
  • System reliability based on in-house factory production with specialized tolling and cutting machinery and installation taken care by trained qualified team members to ensure end user performance expectations are met with.
  • Acoustic Insulation: Cold profiles ensure 35 db sound reduction based on system design & high quality EPDM gaskets. For specialized application thermal break profiles & specified cladding details can insure acoustic insulation up to 48 db possible.
  • High security cladding and locking options available for specific requirements.

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